Chill homie, its 100% real cheese.

Cheezit is an adjective meaning anything and everything. You can use it to replace any other adjective no matter what the meaning is, but you can't use it in any situation. There are rules for cheezit:

-You can't use cheezit as a noun or verb. This is a common mistake.

-Cheezit is most commonly used at the end of a statement.

ex: That's so cheezit.

-If cheezit is used before the noun it describes, there has to be an adverb before it.

ex: That's a pretty cheezit car.

-You can't say "not cheezit" unless you're saying "you're not cheezit enough for me"

ex:You're not cheezit.

-Cheezit can also be used such as the following:

Cheezit-ass Hoe
-Why you so cheezit?
-You need to be more cheezit.

-That's so cheezit.

-She's a cheezit-ass hoe.
by Cheezy Hommit November 02, 2013
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One of the greatest baked snack crackers ever. Made with real cheese, and tastes amazing. Sold in different flavors. Also spelled cheez-it.
I could live off of cheezits.
by SuperKoopa June 08, 2006
A delicious cracker snack made from the ground-up bones of fairies and elves. Commonly found in the presence of master magician David Blaine.
David Blaine: What are you drinking?
Guy 1: I'm drinking orange soda, ooh, big whup.
Guy 2: Yeah, it's his favorite!
David Blaine: Orange soda, huh. What else is orange?
Guy 1: What else is orange? Well, uh, I dunno, Cheezits?
*David Blaine turns cup of orange soda into cup of cheezits*
Guy 2: Oh... WHAT THE EFF?!?!?
by MrCoolBeans October 07, 2007
a scrumptious food item consisting of 1X1 inch squares of baked cheezy goodness. This particular snack food carries the slogan "Get Your Own Box".
A: Cheez-it's? awesome, can I have some?

B: Dude, get your own box, and stop being so gay. We're just roommates, it doesnt automatically make us friends.

A: Sorry.
Pretty much the best fuckin baked snack cracker of all time. 100% Real cheese. Something everyone likes, and for those who dont. Well, take a look at Rosie O'Donell.
Todd: Oh em gee can I have some Cheez-Its? Nick: No fucker, get your own box. As a matter of fact, just get the hell away from me.
by Flipzeroccs9 July 23, 2009
A cheesy smack food that no other food can compare to. Also known as the best food in the universe and considerably better than reese cups.
person: dude those cheez-its are so better than reese's
by colin24213524361614 May 10, 2009
An expression meaning to leave the premises.
Here come the cops! Cheezit!
by CDubbs May 16, 2006
Verb - To leave in a hurry, usually from impending doom or harm to one's person
The cops showed up at this kegger so we totally had to cheez it out of there.
by jaci418 November 21, 2007
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