An awesome cheesse cracker snack that can make you constipated, this is caused by eating too many.
Dude, I ate 2 boxes of cheez-its & i became constipated! FUCK!
by cheezeit June 23, 2009
a white person who tans too much
Damn Steve you need to stop taning your starting to bec ome a cheez-it
by RedruM93 November 26, 2009
A racist insult used by mainly asians against other asians.

Equal to that of "cracker" used against white people.

Unfortunately, asian LIKE being called cheezits.

(also cheese cracker)
White guy: Hey, what's up cheese cracker?

Asian guy: It's Cheezit you ignorant bitch!
by Scuba Steve™ February 27, 2008
a racist term meaning a "cracker" that should be white but is orange as a result of over-use of tanning products and/or tanning beds.
That cheez-it needs to cut back on the tanning spray.
by kneebeau December 02, 2009
A most delicious snack cracker. Also known as sunshine biscuits.
Hey, I'm hungry.
Do you want some cheezits?
Yeah man, I love sunshine biscuits!
by lorenzo8 May 11, 2009
Chill homie, its 100% real cheese.

Cheezit is an adjective meaning anything and everything. You can use it to replace any other adjective no matter what the meaning is, but you can't use it in any situation. There are rules for cheezit:

-You can't use cheezit as a noun or verb. This is a common mistake.

-Cheezit is most commonly used at the end of a statement.

ex: That's so cheezit.

-If cheezit is used before the noun it describes, there has to be an adverb before it.

ex: That's a pretty cheezit car.

-You can't say "not cheezit" unless you're saying "you're not cheezit enough for me"

ex:You're not cheezit.

-Cheezit can also be used such as the following:

Cheezit-ass Hoe
-Why you so cheezit?
-You need to be more cheezit.

-That's so cheezit.

-She's a cheezit-ass hoe.
by Cheezy Hommit November 02, 2013
A name for a person who completely and utterly fails to accomplish a set task, a n00b.
Bob: Damnit, Jack, I told you to bring the booze!
Jack: Aw, sorry, dude, I was too busy bating.
Bob: You're such a cheez-it. Why do I hang out with you?
by Michael Crockett January 28, 2008
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