term of endearment for someone who you are close with.
axp refers to sws as her cheez-it.
by lovebug1518 November 04, 2008
A snack food created to feed the gerbils that are anally inserted into homosexuals.
OOO I can feel my gerbil scurry around in my small intestine, I thinks it hungry for a cheez-it!!!
by jayzee1 June 21, 2011
The act of peeling a banana with your teeth while simultaneously doing the can-can to the Bee-Gees.
*Read out loud in Indian accent*
Holy crap kids, cover your eyes! He's CHEEZITing!
by Tom Scaret July 29, 2009
The correct plural of the popular snack Cheez It. The term "cheez its" is incorrect.
give me some cheez it, please
by The Phone Booth April 24, 2004
A.) When a guy with a serious std infection splooges off colored puke like semen all over a girls chest then rubs his wang in it.

B.) When a woman is riding a man and she has a yeast infection, everything mixes together and it looks like a disgusting cheez it.

C.) A really good cheddar cracker with a lot of salt on it.
Bob squealed like a bitch when he realized he was given a Cheez It by Petra.
A lieing ex girlfriend.
Shes such a cheezit, you wouldn't believe how long she had been lieing to me while we were dating.
by FF Mike April 27, 2004
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