A cheese-coated fried cornmeal snack that, when coupled with Mountain Dew, forms the bulk of the standard neckbeard diet. Also popular among those afflicted with the munchies.
Paul's keyboard and mouse have been permanently stained an unnatural shade of orange via years of being handled by hands coated in Cheetos residue and, on occasion, jizz mixed with said Cheetos residue.
by Honky Reducer July 31, 2010
1. A very dumb and obnoxious person

2. A common snack food
Dude, isn't Cheeto a jerk!

I'm so hungry, i want some Cheeto's!
by Malcom X12345 April 12, 2009
1.cheeto- (chee-toe) n. An orange, crispy snack that gets little orange crispy crumbs all over your fucking fingers. (see: ANNOYING.)

2. A man's penis. In name-disguise. I guess it could be a womans penis, if they have a sex change. ...
1. HEY dude grab me a bag of cheeto's, man. and 500-fucking-paper towels. jeez.

2. Nice cheeto, dude/girl. that must be like, 9-10 inches long!
by SaraNARA March 14, 2006
A codeword for cigarettes when you're around anti-smokers, so you can avoid a long-ass lecture about smoking.
Two guys are inside, beside two non-smokers.
Guy 1: "Hey man, you wanna go for a cheeto?"
Guy 2: looks over to the non-smokers "Yeah sure!"
by Invasian June 03, 2009
a chick that tries to corner a dude into a relationship by offering whatever she can in hopes a dude will bite. But ends up looking like a psyho fool.
Man - that cheeto is stale. throw it away. Aint nobody got time for that
by DaNeenz February 05, 2014
An individual who is cheesy.
Girl: you are always are on my mind, how can i even remedy this? : *

Boy: dude you are such a cheeto.
by killzwitskillz January 10, 2012
1. a cheese flavored snack that is orange colored. Eaten.

2. a cheese flavored powder that is orange colored. Sniffed.

Not to be confused with Doritos, which are only compatible with the mexican nose. If you sniff Doritos, you're fucked. On the other hand, eating it is just fine.
1. Kid A - "Hey Jason, lets go to the 7/11 to get some cheetos"

Kid B - "That sounds like a great idea Sean! I just love those cheese flavored snacks that are orange colored."

2. Adult A - "Hey man, you wanna go get some cheetos?"

Adult B - "Dude, I heard that if you did cheetos at this campus you get kicked out! And besides, where are we gonna find a cheetos dealer?"

Adult A - "Whats life without a few risks? My cousin told me this great guy for cheetos. Lets go there this Saturday."

Adult B - "Cool man. I always wanted some of that cheese flavored powder that is orange colored!"

3. Chester Cheetah is a prominent figure in the cheetos sniffing market/industry. To date, he has sniffed 58.3 billion bags of cheetos.
by easydown January 26, 2011
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