sentimental, maudlin, melodramatic, corny
That Celine Dion song is so cheesy.
by elricky February 26, 2004
forexample using phrases when hitting on a girl at a "club" saying:
-did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

(i like cheesy stuff like that :)
by Stuffs like that. December 15, 2013
A ridiculously bad foosball goal. Most often the perpetrator of such an offense has no foosball skills, and relies on cheating or "flukes" to score.

The most significant use of the term was in 2002 during a series of legendary foosball games at the University of Northern British Columbia a player, having lost a number of games began to shake the table. In his inglorious method of distracting opponents, he began to score goals, even winning some games.

The entire universtiy foosball population began calling his goals cheesy, although the reason remains unclear, especially seeing as he didn't even go to the damn school. Some refer to the goals as cheesy because they "Stink". Other use the term because the player that scored such a fluke of a goal operated a cheese factory on his parents farm. Still others probably came up with it while blazing a fattie.

To this day, poor goals in foosball are known as cheesy, and the term has spread as far as Europe where the French say "Fromage" in the event of poor goal.
"Off the five bar with spins? AND cheetos? Damn, that's cheesy! Redo that shit!"
by Scabby Arm March 28, 2009
Extremely exaggerated and makes people barf when hearing about all these lovey dovey antics.

Synonyms: Jamesy, gouda

"You're more cheesy than mozzarella"

"That's a bit Jamesy..."
"I disa-brie"
by sasssychic August 17, 2014
A covert term for a Mcdonald's Cheeseburger.
Hey bro we are at Mcdonald's, you want some cheesies?
by Toly Veneto October 20, 2010
1. Something that is unintentionally kitschy, tacky, or of poor quality, but these flaws go unnoticed by the admirers of said thing.

2. Something that was popular at some point in the past, but that now seems lame in retrospect.
1. I can't believe you like Ashlee Simpson. Her music is so cheesy.

2. Hey, look at this picture of dad from 1975! Check out those sideburns and bellbottoms! That's so cheesy!
by bstokes June 12, 2006
In Urdu (south asian language) refers to a beautiful girl which on first look, "you would definitely like to fuck".

'Cheesy' is read with a "C" voice instead of "S", like: chee--see
First Boy: Kiya tum nay wo larki dekhi (did you saw that girl)?
Second: with a wink ----cheesy thee yaaar (yeah dude! she was beautiful)
by pak guy December 31, 2011
Cheesy is that cartoon character with the smile that goes "ting." Cheesy is the waiter that says, "I'll get you ladies your beers right away," and you think wow, he's great. Twenty minutes later you're waving him down to see if you can get your beers already. All show, no go; no substance. Pure tinsel.
Jordan sure is cheesy. He said he'd get on it right away. That was two weeks ago, and I still haven't heard from him.
by TheLollipopKid April 19, 2011
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