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A Jesus shaped cheese figure.
Delicios and sacrilicious.
Today I ate my first cheesus.
by Kelzor November 02, 2005
If Jesus were made out of cheese his name would be Cheesus
mmmmm Cheesus
by Devin Diggler April 27, 2004
The all mighty Cheese god. He's a big wise man made of cheese and is all powerfull. U may see him on smope halucinations of just be in touch with him spiritually.
Cheesus the all mighty god of cheese and all that is holy (like swiss cheese)..........pun man away
by Jeff April 05, 2004
Exclamation given to deride extremely cheesy/corny moment, usually shouted midway through pathetic films
Oh Cheesus! why are we watching this crap?
by Monodon July 27, 2004
a cheeeto shaped like jesus
i stole a bag of cheetos from 7 11 n there was a cheesus inside.
by phat as peace a sh!T October 17, 2011
An all-cheese knowing entity. The central figure of Cheesism. A teacher and a healer. You refer to cheesus in times of cheese need (e.g. prior to hosting a dinner party with a cheese board). Cheesus will answer any of your cheese related prayers/cries for help.
Cheesus, will thy not advise on the best cracker to serve with <insert favourite cheese here>??!!
by cheesus_disciple January 06, 2011
a cheeto that was found that looked like Jesus praying.
was actually found by a preacher who made a little box for it.
when the portly preacher was slamming some cheetos he almost bit Cheesus in half.
by tommyd "cheesus" March 27, 2008
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