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2 definitions by cheesus_disciple

An all-cheese knowing entity. The central figure of Cheesism. A teacher and a healer. You refer to cheesus in times of cheese need (e.g. prior to hosting a dinner party with a cheese board). Cheesus will answer any of your cheese related prayers/cries for help.
Cheesus, will thy not advise on the best cracker to serve with <insert favourite cheese here>??!!
by cheesus_disciple January 06, 2011
Cheesism is the belief system based on the teachings of Cheesus (Cheesus Christ). One who identifies with Cheesism is said to be a Cheesist.
Doug - "I believe in Cheesism. That's right, I'm a Cheesist."
by cheesus_disciple January 06, 2011