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A city in the West Midlands, not far from Birmingham.
'The population density of Coventry is 565.8 Chavs per square mile of land area.'
by crazysarah118 March 17, 2005
when something is both choclatey and fantastic
this kitkat has no wafer whatsoever! just pure chocolate! choctastic!
by crazysarah118 March 14, 2005
A chavtastic nightclub in the classy Hillfields area of Coventry.Famous for underagers and its celebrity guests which include the short one from s-club and the brainiac from big brother that time.
'Wooo lets go to the qualityseum!'
by crazysarah118 March 16, 2005
Cheesus Christ our Lord, worshipped by many cheese fanatics/ religious followers.
'I don't care if the whole world freezus, as long as ve got my cheddar cheesus'
by crazysarah118 March 16, 2005

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