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The act of reaming a woman's asshole (preferably containing remnants of shit or even better a full on meat cigar), and then proceeding to pull out and blast a steam load onto her face or body. If chances happen right, some of the shit chunks may have become lodged in your piss hole or inside the shaft, thereby creating a delectable concoction of feces/cum mixture. Also known as the rare Chocolate Cheesecake. The occuring blast can be enjoyed straight out of the cock or mixed with ice and subtle fruit flavors for a tasty cocktail cum drink that will satisfy cum and shit drinkers alike. Salud!
Chocolate Cheesecake is a rare sexual occurence. Mary was quite the lucky girl, having forgotten to wipe her ass. She was certain to get an elegant cum treat.
by Kool aid April 04, 2005
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Slang name for poop.

Cheesecake that's chocolate.

What you can say if you don't wanna say ( or if you in school and there are teachers around or something ) "OH SHIT!"
Damn it you really made a lot of chocolate cheesecake! OH SHIT THE TOILETS BACKED UP YOU BASTARD! DAMN TOILET!

Hey Focko! They're serving chocolate cheesecake!


by Garfield135 May 26, 2007
A Chocolate Cheesecake is to sit on some unsuspecting idiots nose and defocate on or in it laymans terms drop a duece, go # 2, or drop the Browns off @ the SuperBowl
"This dumbass passed out early so I Chocolate Cheesecaked him."
by Beanie Crocker "Cook coke proper" January 03, 2008

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