non-italian. someone trying to be tally. see monjacaker.
bunch of cheese cakes here tony. lets mob to carmines for barbera's signature dish of spaghetti and meatballs.
by smallercitydimmerlights April 13, 2008
A succulent dessert popularized by New York City's revolutionary Classic New York Style Cheesecake. The base ingredient of all cheesecakes are cream cheese.

Crusts can be made from anything bready: the ever popular graham cracker, animal cookies, vanilla wafers, pistachios, oreo, etc.
Popular distributors known for their delectable dishes are New York delis, diners, and vendors; and the ever popular Cheesecake Factory. Nick Timmerman's Cheesecakes happened to be proven better than Cheesecake Factory's.
by ntimmerman July 21, 2010
The single most absolutely DELICIOUSSSSS dessert. So good some people will descibe it like it is the only joy they have ever had in their entire life. It is rivaled only by Bavarian cream donuts.
Ms. Finklestein have you ever had cheesecake?

OHHH YESSS ITSS DELICIOUSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by cockstar3000 June 07, 2010
A nasty ritual when a person squats down and places their ass right on top of a sleeping person's face. Right where their nose is at the right place.
" Dude, did you see that? I just totally gave Rick a cheesecake! "

" Hahah! Sick, man! "
by dutchrocker August 14, 2005
code word for weed
dont forget to bring some cheese cake tonite before we watch the movie
by .:Kess:. February 13, 2004
The act of performing oral sex on a woman
"Did you get cheese cake last night?"
by zeuspro August 19, 2009
Comes from the notion that it "takes money to make money". "Cheese" and "Cake" are both slang terms for money. Therefore, when you put them together, you have "CheeseCake" or, money that you will be using with the primary objective of making more money.
Person 1: "I want to become a pro golfer"
Person 2: "Ha, let me tell you, considering the amount of money thats required for you to spend in order to become a very good golfer (Clubs, Tee Times, Lessons), your gonna need that CheeseCake. Pro golfers make alot of money, but your going to have to spend alot first."

Person A: "Dude I want to start my own business."
Person B: "Yea, but you gotta make that CheeseCake first."

"Yo man, I'm workin this 9-5 so I can get that "CheeseCake" to go gambling with"
by 76565476#*@ June 15, 2009

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