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When your lover is asleep, you cum on the back of their neck and then press the bed sheet there. Let dry for 20 minutes. Wake them up and see their cape fly.
sneaky superman
by Shandrew July 10, 2008
When having doggie style sex, you insert the thumb in the bum making your lover let out a high pitch squeal like a dolphin.
the sound of a dolphin...eck, eck making a Dolphin Orgasam
by Shandrew July 10, 2008
when a chick is in the tub and quiefs, she bites at the bubbles.
i watched a chick he goo gobbler last night man, it was werid as shit. she looked like a dog biting at bubbles.
by Shandrew July 10, 2008
spreaded bare ass butt checks placed on your passed out buddies face and fart.
Man, I totally cheesecaked Andrew when he was passed out. It was so gross.
by Shandrew July 10, 2008

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