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The action of putting ketchup and mustard on the vagina and eating it. Then finishing by leaving the mayo in the anus.
John: What did you do with Simone last night?

Kody: I was cheeseburgering her

John: With kethcup and mustard?

Kody: Yeah, and I left the mayo in her butthole
by Cheeserburgerer666 May 17, 2016
cheese·burg·er (cheez-bur-ger-ing)

Commonly used within the gaming community (in particular beat'em'ups) when two human competors are playing (not the computer, although come cases of computer cheeseburgering has occured)and one of the played uses the same move of combo over and over again. ultimatly winning the round.
1. Shooter, stop cheeseburgering that move, youre shit and this game

2. Dude cheeseburger the boss, you're almost beat!
by Redeck August 31, 2008
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