A fucking idiot. Basically making fun of some dumbass crackhead who has no idea your making fun of him or her. You can also use this at the end of every sentence and you'll notice no one ever picks up on it.
Some guetto crackhead asked me for money to get beer, I told him to go fuck himself cheeseburger.
#crackhead #idiot #bananahead #dumbass #retard
by Patsman October 23, 2006
cheeese burger
2. A derogatory term to describe somebody for doing something completely stupid or just plain retarded.
"What the hell was that? ... your a fucking Cheeseburger!"

"Get that cheesburger the hell out."

"Guess what cheeseburger can't count to three? You!"
by Evan September 23, 2004
Derogatory term for an urban African-American. This term is used in situations where it could not be prudent to say "nigger".
Let's not go to that mall, too many cheesburgers.
by The Cosmic Star Goat January 29, 2004
To queef, to vagina fart.
Did you just cheeseburger?

One time, he was banging a chick, and stopped because she cheeseburgered.
#shistbot #queef #vagina #fart #gross
by Meitsjustme_n08 February 15, 2009
some little cat, old man, granny, your momma, or anyone who walks around with a big ass smile on their face with no obvious reason. they might have "fish eyes" when they are being a 'cheeseburger'. for whatever reason, this 'cheeseburger' is super happy and they ain't nothin' nobody can do about it.
"there goes little vincent. he just had his diaper changed. he's such a cheeseburger."
#super happiness #extra happy #happy as hell #so goddamn happy #japanese show smiley.
by nico illmatic October 15, 2007
What men don't have, but want, so they can put special sauce in it. Note: Faggots prefer hotdogs.
John put special sauce on his wife's cheeseburger.
by Master Jizz April 08, 2003
A fat woman with a lot of money who is to ugly to get sex the normal way, so they give money and buy gifts to keep boyfriends.
Did you see that Heifer coming out the bank, shes going to be my cheeseburger.
#same as sugar momma #cheeseburga #opposite sugar daddy #cheesyburger #cheesyburga
by ryseone January 20, 2008
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