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The most perfect food in the world! Consisting of ingrediants from all major food groups, it is a vital part of a well-rounded diet. Patriots are huge fans of cheeseburgers, being well aware that this genious invention can be attributed to none other than the U.S. of A. Although delicious, it is also a topic of controversy because it is said by some religious sects that the cheeseburger was the 2nd-day creation, preceeded only by the creation of light, heavens, and Earth.
Marty: Uuuhhhhgg!
Sarah: What's wrong my hansome man?
Marty: I don't feel so good...my stomach aches for something delicious but I don't know what
Sarah: I know! How about a CHEESEBURGER!!
Marty: YAY!!!!!
by bobblehead11 December 07, 2009

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