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An arbitrary sexual activity, usually performed by a student to a teacher or professor for brownie points.
Jean: Hey Abdullah, did you hear about how Ashleigh got an A in her math class even though she never turned in any of her assignments?

Abdullah: I did... I heard that she had to give Mr. Steinbreg one hell of a cheeseburger.
by GBoyofSV March 16, 2010
A name given to very large girls, usualy to girls with three rolls of stomach fat. The first roll being the top bun, middle roll being the burger, and the third roll being the bottom of the bun.
Dude One "Oh dang. Did you see that chick that just walked past?"

Dude Two "Yeah bro, sure did. She's a totaly cheeseburger."
by mexiKEN May 12, 2009
Delicious all-American food. Cheese and beef between two buns.
Numerous toppings.
At McDonalds I always get cheeseburgers.
by racheld5 July 11, 2008
Budweiser. the great american beer
Dario and Joe crushed 72 cheeseburgers in the last 24 hours. When the bender was complete, the watched football and crushed some more cheeseburgers
by J$C$ October 30, 2011
The Odd and End Jobs you do to make quick cash for food and livin'
Just picked up a big load of scrap metal- that's a lotta cheeseburgers baby!
by FarOutWords November 16, 2010
Guys who think highly of themselves and try to act "cool" by hipster standards or local popular standards, when in actuality they are very lame, pretentious, and/or whack.
The guy, Chris, who buys weed from James Franco in Pineapple Express while Seth Rogen is waiting inside the apartment.

James Franco: What's up, Chris?
Chris: Yo. Hey, son.
James: Hey
Chris: How you doin', buddy?
James: Alright, holmes. Good. Who's this?
(shady percocet question)
James: Chris, you told him I was gonna sell percoset? What the fuck, man?
(tries to pound fists with JF - JF fakes him out)
James: Yeah, nice. Peace out holmes.

Chris is a cheese burger.
by cookylady September 30, 2011
A "Cheese Burger" is a drug reference, it is when the addict takes both an Upper or Meth-amphetamine such as speed or crank and mixes it with a Downer like morphine or Vicodin. It is usually taken while ingesting alcohol.

It creates a conflicting feeling in the body that most users love and become addicted to quickly.

The reference is attributed to a college fraternity (Theta Xi) from Edinboro University in Erie, PA. This became in the 1990's their "Offical" high of choice.
Yo, bro-septh... you got a cheese burger?!?
by The Taco that ate you April 07, 2011