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One who wears Christmas sweaters during Christmas.
You can tell he was a cheese monkey when his nose started to bleed as his conversation progressed with the mildly attractive girl.
by Doug Cheese December 22, 2008
A rare member of the primate family and whose diet consists of dairy products esp. cheese.
My Velveeta is missing... must be a cheese monkey on the loose.
by Joe October 19, 2003
A person who uses the same move over and over again when playing a fighting game.
Stop picking Ken and using his Shoryuken over and over! You're such a Cheesemonkey!
by Nekohime October 26, 2009
A good old prankster type who gets their kicks in life by telling jokes, pulling people's hair and blowing bubbles in their chocolate milk.
Man, he be such a cheesemonkey for jokin us like that.
by jmharris August 18, 2011
A very clever monkey who lives in a cave of cheeseburgers, has cheesemonkey farms in Illinois next to walmart, is danish, and hates George W. Bush for eating 2 monkeys and refusing to pay.
cheeto penis envy

im a piece of cheesemonkey - ness! YO
by Sally Jingle Tush March 06, 2008
monkeys possesing the qualities of cheese. they r thuper thexiee and eat cheese all the time. did i say they were thexiee beast! u should be carefull becuase they are ill tempered! watch out for the california swizz monkie he is venimous and the aged cheddar monkey is deadly to all rtardzz.
"so i walkind down the street and got attacked by a californian swizz monkey , and it was followed by many cheese monkeys."
by Ashley@cmc corp inc November 16, 2007
Someone who likes to sniff other peoples bums, any sex or sexuality.
"omg, he was Cheese Monkey-ing like a badman last night"
"eww really"
by Bridget Knows Dirty Words October 07, 2007