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scottish use of this word, meaning "arse", is in terms of how fine the hind quarters are. the emphasis at the start of the word show that the ass in question ranks very high.
That girl talks way too much, but man has she got a good erse.
by undercurent April 08, 2003
the very desgusting residue found on the penis when a man doesnt clean himself of properly, usually found on bottom enders.
Slly doesnt like sucking the man in the parks dick because of the aftertaste due to his nob-cheese.
by undercurent April 08, 2003
a person who sucks cock and likes the taste, thus being a cheese monkey due to the addiction to nob cheese, also see cheesey gums.
That daedo over there is a regualar cheese monkey.
by undercurent April 08, 2003
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