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A sweet, imaginative, passionate, and eccentric girl. She is inspirational to many, sometimes called a muse, and people seek after her. Though sometimes a bit of an underdog, those who truly love her would give the world to see her happy.

Also sometimes short for Nelly, which is the greek word for Stone. Sometimes, by word association, girls named Nelle like to get stoned.

But, not the kind where you get hit with rocks.

The feel good kind.
This girl just showed me an awesome DVD! It was so inspirational.

Must be a Nelle.
by Chulich August 11, 2010
The sismance between two fanfiction writers on Wattpad known for their One Direction based stories (The Other One; 67,066 reads and counting and Payne in the Ass; 105,870 reads and counting) otherwise known as Elle (@CutieMix) and Nikki (@_freefalling). They are glorious children of unicorns adored and worshipped by their lovely fans and readers.
@_freefalling: "aw aw aw ily even tho ur an idiot xx"
@CutieMix: "@_freefalling my heart both hurts and feels loved aND THE TEARS COMING STREAMING DOWN MY FAAAACEE xxx"

Wattpad Fan: "I cant wait for an update!! i totally ship nelle by the way haha! xo"
by thirlwhore May 21, 2013

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