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This doesn't happen often, this while in the middle of enjoying an adult film. The person or persons also enjoy a bag of Cheetos. Then without second thought masterbates with the wrong hand, which in turn leaves his penis orange.
I was watching these two chicks making out then, with out realizing it turned my box cutter into a cheese doodle.
by Pat Meholf May 02, 2006
A term used to represent sexual thoughts. if one was to be uncomfortable talking about sexuality, they would coin this term in order to make the mood more comfortable, while letting others know that they are thinking of sexual intercourse.
"im all wet, can you help me dry off?" Said Chrissy

" Cheesedoodles " Said Robert
by Roger Bessette October 30, 2008
a cheesedoodle is a reference to a man with a small penis. typically a cheesedoodle will attempt to distract his sexual interst from discovering his imperfection by emanating large amounts of confidence, driving a large truck, or convincing his sexual interest to consume ample amounts of drugs or alcohol before engaging in sexual activities.
That guy is superhott but he's a total cheesedoodle.
by Andie Beck April 12, 2009
Slick and cool slang for a person of any stature, although usually a slick and cool person. Often used after a popular slang greeting.
"What up, cheese doodle?"
"Easy, cheese doodle."
"That cheese doodle had the crowd up and jumping."
by .m3Rcyk!LL February 08, 2009
a very large clitoris. Resembling a small penis.
Joe- dude that wrestler China is hot!!
frank- yeah but she's got a cheese doodle
Joe- eww
by sedated.sarah May 31, 2009
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