A really funny character on the cartoon network show "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" He is really annoying and always says stuff like ''i like chocolate milk''. Gotta love Cheese! He always goes to Foster's Home even though he doesnt live there.
Foster's Home resident-"CHEESE YOU DON'T LIVE HERE!!! GO HOME!!!"
Cheese-*deep breath* "okayyy!!"
by india August 17, 2006
to anger, annoy or p^ss off.
having my heels constantly stepped on while i was waiting to get my korn tickets really cheeses me off.
by eduj August 23, 2007
Popular since the release of the 2000 film 'Snatch'. The term is used to celebrate the successful use of cheese in removing a large diamond from a dog, without the need for a gun.
"cheese is flawless"
by little-miss can't do wrong March 03, 2007
To cheat in a video game by continuously and quickly pressing one button to lock your opponents ability to defend or attack.
"Dude, it's pretty sad that you have to cheese to win in mortal kombat"
by meridian_frost January 10, 2006
A very tastey, edible dairy product that comes in many different colors: yellow, orange, white, green(if aged), ect..
Can be solid, squishy, liquidy, or holey.
Cheese is the greatest food in the world!!!!

You can't have a sandwich without cheese!
by Vee167 May 09, 2009
A euphemism for sex, popularised by YouTube celebrity Philip DeFranco. First coined at the 'DeFranco Does Dublin' gathering in 2011.
So we got together, some cheese happened...
by JCTheFluteMan December 12, 2011
Jordans are so played out...straight cheese.

That faux-hawk is cheese

your outfit is cheese
by thatguyMcFly May 02, 2011
1). Used in red light boredom situations in which the cheese-master makes the car directly next to it roll down their window like they are asking for directions. But, instead of asking for directions, the cheese-master tells the person in the other car that there is "cheese" on the floor next to their car in order to receive "lullz-on-the-go." The cheese-master can also say that there is cheese on the other car's tires to maximize lullz after repeated use.

2). This process can also be used when walking around in high traffic areas to gain "lullz-on-foot."
Cheese-Master: "excuse me sir, (honk) (honk)....."

Driver of Bait Car: "yes, how may i help you sir?"

Cheese-Master: "yo, you got some cheese on your tires, you might lose traction."

Driver of Bait Car: (head out the window looking at tire)

A). "oh really, thanks sir, the world needs more people like you."


B). "screw you, you're just trying to get me to look down at my car so you can Shadow-smack me."
by shadow-smack May 18, 2010
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