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A synonym for seminal fluid, as determined by the ruling authorities of Towandian english. Also ecompasses all other forms of tangible existence. Cheeme has the uncanny ability to replace any other word in a sentance and manage to make it sounds profane, vulgar, grotesque, and pervertedly funny, while still satisfying the sentence's comprehendable nature. It's most prominent antonym is Chetch when used in the "general pronoun" context.

Etymology: Towandian perverted nomenclature, similar to english, but fused with a comical and sexual connotation.
Hey, Javier, when you cheemed in my mouth last night, it was so delish. Mmmm, yummy.

"You cheeming cheemer, go cheeme yourself, you mother cheemer!" (funny how it makes sense so well, you know exactly what i mean)
by Shappy loves Javi November 28, 2005
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the shortened version of cream cheese. great for grocery list.
by lizaroni0520 February 02, 2010
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