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A jail house food creation of the following common ingredients (but subject to change):
1. Roman Noodles
2. Cheetos
3. beefstick
4. cheese squeezer
Items may be added or removed as available from comminsary and what can be snuck out of the prison kitchen.
On Thursday when everyone gets comminsary there is an hour long line for hot water because everyone is making chee chees.
by T`Dawg March 02, 2010
Jailhouse food. Partially cook a pack of Ramen Noodles (use hot water or, if your cell doesn't have it, soak for a while in cold water). Crush up a bag of cheese curls--Cheetos will work, but it's not the same--and pour the Ramen into the bag. Eat with a plastic spoon.
Got a chee chee ready in my commissary box.
by ziticlown June 16, 2010
used to describe a smelly cunt
she is a chee chee
by the real senegal July 13, 2015
a boy who either looks like a cheetah or acts like one (or both) he tends to have big strong muscles or wants muscles, lots of tiny freckles and either likes to run or he runs a lot (it doesn't matter if he runs fast or not) CheeChee is derived from cheetah
there was a boy who wanted to do crew so he could have bigger muscles and he had a lot of freckles, he ran a lot in crew too so his friends called him CheeChee
by friendofaCheeChee April 20, 2011
A racial slur for an Indian man. Used in the 18th century referring to his smell, look and small penis.
Hello there Richard, how are you.
Bad, this chee chee boy down the road keeps looking at my daughter funny
Alright, lets take care of him :)
by fksjfpdsjlfdsjkd;aj;sdlkf;ljaj October 02, 2011
gay, lesbian, bi..
"Damn, shes a fucken chee chee girl"
by ¤GHeTTo-FaB¤ September 07, 2003

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