Top Definition
cash money in all its cheesy glory.
that sitcom deal landed me some major chedah.
by David March 16, 2003
Freebording term

1.An amazing road of perfect grade and surface.

2.Also used as a term meaning 'road that i was freebording on'

1."that hill was cheddah!"

2."today i was carving the cheddah..."
by Jay_Gridley July 06, 2006
Office Chef
Our Cheddah is preparing a spread of crackers, cheese, and apple slices
by 2620 June 03, 2010
a butch and/or dyke-like woman.
Man, that cheddah is trying to mack on my girlfriend.
by cheddahmuncher May 14, 2008
a city in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Otherwise known as Chester.
-"where are you from?"

-"Cheddah, Pennsylvania."
by KimKim November 24, 2006
gold chains, etc.
Mr. T wore a lot of cheddah.
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
(n): marijuana, drugs in general

Yo son, I smoked some fine ass cheddah last week...
by squash lemming March 28, 2006
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