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Freebording term

1.An amazing road of perfect grade and surface.

2.Also used as a term meaning 'road that i was freebording on'

1."that hill was cheddah!"

2."today i was carving the cheddah..."
by Jay_Gridley July 06, 2006
cash money in all its cheesy glory.
that sitcom deal landed me some major chedah.
by David March 16, 2003
Office Chef
Our Cheddah is preparing a spread of crackers, cheese, and apple slices
by 2620 June 03, 2010
a butch and/or dyke-like woman.
Man, that cheddah is trying to mack on my girlfriend.
by cheddahmuncher May 14, 2008
a city in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Otherwise known as Chester.
-"where are you from?"

-"Cheddah, Pennsylvania."
by KimKim November 24, 2006
gold chains, etc.
Mr. T wore a lot of cheddah.
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
(n): marijuana, drugs in general

Yo son, I smoked some fine ass cheddah last week...
by squash lemming March 28, 2006