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A mixture of good and bad facial features in a single person. Often causing mixed feelings on level of hotness.
Ellen Muth from Dead Like Me is hot, but checkered.
by FutureResident June 02, 2011
3 4
A pattern that is often associated with ska music. It originated in 2-tone ska from the 70's and 80's in bringing together blacks and whites. Also stupid scenesters wear it not even knowing it means to be against racial segregation.
Yo man check it. I got some checkered shoes! Lets put some tunes on and start skanking!
by skammunist 22 October 17, 2005
39 18
meaning one is who usually associated with the checkered pattern;like a person who is like pattern which doesnt match or makes no sense;plaid; a stupid idiot also can be a fascist nazi
I think that dude is acting checkered because he is lying about the car he stole then lied about it.
by Andre`e the great April 13, 2004
9 11
Stoned, high, blitzed, blazed
I was checkered after smoking a joint
by MommaSmurf December 09, 2006
8 15
drunk, intoxicated, wasted
We got checkered last night.
by Bobby Jane November 04, 2005
2 19