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A person who smokes cannabis or other smokable drugs primarily to enhance other experiences (rather than simply for the "high" itself). Such individuals are less likely to enjoy merely smoking and sitting around doing nothing. This phrase was popularized by Jon Stewart's character in "Half Baked."
Enhancement Smoker: You ever see the back of a twenty dollar bill... on WEED?
by Tochterlieber June 26, 2008
The rectum. Presumably, this word's etymology originates from the word lavender, meaning "gay" in certain contexts unrelated to violet hues.
Wikipedia is administered by people with a stick up their lavender passageway.
by Tochterlieber April 13, 2008
To become paranoid (usually temporarily, and often due to the influence of drugs such as cannabis or meth.)
After we smoked out in the parking lot, Kevin started noiding, thinking that someone might have seen us.
by Tochterlieber April 26, 2008
Reliance on nobody caring enough about your account or system to bother trying to hack into it.
"Dude, shouldn't you use a more secure password than 'qwerty' for your Tumblr account?"
"Nah, who would want to bother trying to hack into it? There's no credit card information or anything like that stored in it."
"Security through apathy. I like it!"
by Tochterlieber August 07, 2014
An ugly face.
Guy 1: Jennifer says she's going on another diet.
Guy 2: It doesn't matter how much weight she loses; it's not going to fix her busted face.
by Tochterlieber November 06, 2013
The phone number you use to call up your ex to try to get back together with them.
"So, after your ex told you that you're a failure as a man, that you were a failure as a husband, and that you would've been a failure as a father, you're still going to try to get back together with her? How are you even going to reach her? I thought she blocked you from everything."
"I think I still have her cell in my incoming call history, so I'll just use that as a crawlback number."
by Tochterlieber September 21, 2014
A dismissive hand gesture that waves a person away, often impatiently or irritatedly. It is frequently made while not even looking at the person, who is usually someone who unwelcomely interrupted the conversation or activities of the person giving the french wave. A normal wave involves mostly motion of the arms and wrist pivoting from left to right; the french wave mostly involves motion of the fingers (which are held together) back and forth as though to say "shoo."
I tried to talk to him while he was watching soccer, and he gave me the french wave.
by Tochterlieber May 04, 2014

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