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A alcholic beverage that will make you walk side-ways, and make the ugliest girls look pretty!
I cant believe I fucked that fat chick side-ways after I drank that WILD TURKEY last night!
by Ryan B July 24, 2003
The act of displaying one's testicles outside the zipper fly, so as to create the appearance of a turkey's beard. Complete the picture by making turkey gobbles and wing flapping gestures with arms.
The party was pretty lame until Brad busted out a wild turkey.
by Johnny Stone March 31, 2006
A very large bird that likes to hang out around my house and watch me do the dishes.
I jumped when I saw a wild turkey stare at me.
by BondGirl007 August 01, 2003
Five guys on one girl; as in one in the mouth, one in the ass, one in the vag, and one in each hand. The combination of flapping arms and the head moving back and forth makes the girl look like a turkey.
"God, this party is such a sausage fest, only one girl is here. Hey, actually we have enough people for a wild turkey!"
by Kobra Kommander August 28, 2008
This is when a guy pulls his pants down and moves his hips in a circular motion to moves his penis in a round about fan motion like a wild turkey tail feathers. Guarenteed to make a party go WILD!
A wild turkey tail feathers look like this when it is aroused.
by Mikel Mc. June 06, 2007
It is an accidental crap, in turd form, taken during sex.
Me and the lady were doing the deed last night when I let wild turkey slip out my ass.
by Boobash12 January 17, 2008
When someone sticks four fingers spread out in a vagina and and the thumb up the butt. That person then wiggles their thumb and makes turkey noises, such as gobble gobble gobble. It can also be reversed with the fingers in the butt and the thumb in the vagina.
For thanksgiving your dad decided to give your mother a wild turkey.
by Mike Dog March 08, 2006
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