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A small, furry creature, which when provoked, can emit a shrill chweekish sound. Can often be found traveling in packs of up to two or three kilochawks, roaming central Florida in search of chawknip.
chawk: my woman told me of one lawsuit against Viagra once
chawk: er
chawk: my MOTHER
by Mop January 14, 2004
A C-Hawk is a true champion who will come out victorious in his life no matter what.

How to become a C-Hawk in 8 easy steps:

1.Make basic grammatical distinctions. BEWARE. Your brain might melt from trying to grasp the enigmatic essence that differentiates the words ''your'' and ''you're''. How he does it, we'll never know.

2.Master the art of making one piss blood. To grasp this concept, a C-Hawk will become an apprentice at the most elite of learning facilities: Prison. Footlong criminal records are strongly recommended if you want to give YOUR glare that extra zing!

3.Manage at least 500 accounts online. This means NO FREE TIME. What girl is more important than trying to get your point across to a numskulled invertebrate? And sleep? Forget that shit. Sleep is for fags.

4. Know every word in the dictionary. Why demarcate your lexicon to a meager quantum fabricated of vacuous terms when you can excogitate the unmitigated meticulousness of a dictionary? Memorize it. Certainly don't pay attention during your school years, whatever you do.

5.Become a pimp! Start off by having flawless skin and a twelve pack. To attract the right women, you will need a sexy scent. Axe is so 2006. This year, it's all about the smell of sweat and blood! The chicks dig it.

6.Be born simply the best at everything you do. If you're a shitmunity dweller, you may not become a C-Hawk. However, you may become the fabric used to make his carpeting.


C-Hawk could also be interpreted as PWN1N
by Justafan<3 January 22, 2011
something someone says to try and be cool, but they usually come off sounding like an idiot.
Hey bro! Let's have a summer chawks bash. Mad chill."
by George Washington IX April 29, 2011
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