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chauss is an approving word, meaning that if you place it before or after a sentence, name or statement of any kind, it invokes the idea that it is "accepted" or "cool". formerly "cha", the creators decided that the current variation flowed better when said, being not as abrupt. for the definition of the verb form, please see chauss out
"man, that is one old-kid-chauss!"
"total chauss"
#egg poot #poot #chauss out #smegma #boner #chauss #cha #old kid #old #old child
by shaggyurbomb December 08, 2007
a fecal stain in a toilet bowl. Can also be used as a verb. (to chauss)
After eating a pound of cheese Ted knew there was a good chance he'd chauss the porcelin.
by Ferdinand November 04, 2003
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