50% people who go to the next person, 35% CANNON PEN1S, 2% Inanimate objects, 2% Interesting People, and 1% Nothing.
Oh damn, not another dick on Chatroulette.
by Moniker moniker November 11, 2010
A web site trying to be the visual version of Omegle, yet failed.

You can only see some perverts showing their dicks there.
You thought you could find some boobs on Chatroulette? No way.
by cccll9 December 19, 2009
A place for girls to attempt to raise their self-estime by "encouraging" young gentlemen.

A place for young gentlemen to "encourage" themselves as they normally would - while looking into the eyes of other bored, scared and worried young gentlemen.

www.whatischatroulette.com poses the question relating to the future of Chatroulette:

It depends what you think the internet is. Is the internet the most liberating occurrence since the steam engine, allowing all knowledge to be available at all times to all people (sometimes on an equal footing as well!)? Or is it the soiled spunk-pot of lonely young men who have failed to get a girl on the internet to take her clothes off?
Welcome to chat roulette:

Him: Boobs?
Your partner has disconnected.
by ChatrouletteRC April 11, 2010
A place crawling with pedophiles, creeps, dudes jacking off, and teenage trolls. Stay the fuck away from chat roulette.
Me: *On chat roulette* Yuck! Dude jacking off! *end chat with him*

Mike: It's ok, you get those sometimes.

Me:*Enter new chat* Fuck! Dude jacking off! Fuck chat roulette!
by technophobeJohn November 02, 2013
Chatroulette was an amazing chat place to meet people. But now, Chatroulette is just a chat place where is full of no-life perverts
Girl:I have heard a chat place called chatroulette, how is it?

Me:Is a chat place where is full of no-life perverts.
by I love Miami June 07, 2013
Free porn
Person 2 to Person 1: yo whats that?
Person 1: im on omegle
Person 2: haha cool
Person 1: what are you doing
Person 2 (minimizes chat roulette): NOTHING
by ffofreee February 27, 2010
1) A stupid website that some stupid white boys use to call a black guy nigga without gettin their asses whooped!

2) A stupid website where millions of pervs log on to everyday to with the hope of running into some slutty girls williing to show their boobs.
1) "That fuckin white boy just called me a nigger on that website chat roulette, i wish he wasnt miles away from me so i'd whoop his ass!"

2) Girl 1 (looking at the screen): what does it say? i cant read

Girl 2: Let me see...uhh "Show your boobs to save the world"

Girl 1: Ewww click on "Next"
by game101 February 14, 2010

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