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Disgusting sores you get mostly on your back and legs from sitting in bed too much.
I totally spent all weekend in bed watching Netflix. I'm developing some awesome looking bedsores on my lower back.
by 318351983y51 April 05, 2011
Lazy.Lazy-ass.God-for nuthin'.A male or female that spends most of their day in the bed(sleepin')while your ass is off off workin'.
"Girl, I feel for you...that bedsore needs to get his ass up and get a J.O.B."
by Leigh Lowther December 30, 2005
Variation of the slang term "dead ser".
Can be used in any situation for pretty much anything. Sounds best while said in an English accent.
Isn't that chick so hot?
Oohhh bed sore!
by Andrew May 01, 2004
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