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2 definitions by BIGSPENT

When two men, both Jerking themselves off, come upon each other on Chatroulette and keep Jerking off.
Buck: Dude, I was Jerking off all last night on Chatroulette, but every dude I came upon never clicked Next and I didn't want to, so we sat there just watching each other beat it.

Spen: Sounds like you were in a major Chatroulette Sword Fight
by BIGSPENT May 09, 2010
50 3
When a Grandma or Grandpa winks at you in a sexual fashion.
-How was work dude?
-It was going well until this old geezer grinked at me when I was giving him his change
-Creepy Bro
by BIGSPENT March 28, 2010
29 39