n. A chatch is someone unimportant, worthless, laughable, or annoying. The word chatch is usually conveyed with a tone of disdain or disrespect. Chatch often appears in the form of the phrase "some chatch" meaning "someone so unimportant that he isn't deserving of description." When used to convey annoyance with a male, it could be substituted for the word "bitch," but the word "chatch" also implies arrogance of the speaker. Chatch almost always is used to describe a male; the female variation is chitch.
1. Q: "Who called you yesterday?"
A: "I don't know. It was some chatch."

2. "That drunk guy just pissed all over himself. What a chatch."

3. "I don't want to lend you my car, I just washed it."
"Dude, don't be a chatch."
by artythesmarty May 24, 2013
A noun, verb, or adjective meaning anything and/or everything. Comes from the yiddish "chatchkies" meaning stuff
Todays SAT word of the day is chatch: The man behind the counter sold a bunch of chatchkies to those chatches who will in turn give them to their chatches and put them in a chatch.
by Digory May 28, 2005
A cross between cunt and crotch.
I thought I had made this up, but obviously not. For example, "That chatch just cut me off!" Or, "Quit lying you f'in chatch!"
by JenG May 10, 2005
one of the hot WHS girls golfers, the bigger the chatch the sexier you are
Wow, that chatch got it in the hole.
by Heather tha main Chatch April 20, 2005
as in 'to chatch' verb
another term for smokin marijuanna
Hey man let's go chatch
by ChatchD247 October 20, 2004
another slang term for marijuanna, weed, pot, ganja,...you get the point
Hey shmuck let's go chatch
by ChatchD247 October 20, 2004
Biatch: "A stronger and particular form of the word 'Bitch'. Commonly used when there are too many bitches around, and the user want to highlight the particular one of interest."

A further exemplification of 'biatch.'
-Hey, chatch, whats up?
-Way to go, chatch
-Stop being such a chatch and drive me to Tiajuana
by Baron von Eevl July 28, 2004
a variation on Chach. Chatch refers to any meathead who gets girls based on the size of his pythons.
Guy #1:Holy shit...look at that piece of pie.

Guy #2: Hold up...she's with that big freakin chatch who will crush us with his pinkys.
by tehgamer.com September 05, 2004

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