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tay-z (v) 1. To apply a disabling electric shock to an unruly, loud, overprivileged college student who may be disrupting an otherwise peaceful seminar with a political figure.
"Don't tase me, Bro!"
by snoodog September 30, 2007
to be hit with a taser gun.
Willis don't make me tase the black off your ass!
by cardinal_fan October 27, 2004
To be shocked, stunned, incapacitated, or provided mild discomfort by a taser gun or "tazabeam", usually preformed by police in order to detain a crazy mofo.
"Don't tase me bro!"
As seen on youtube from the student at UF.
by thirdorchid October 08, 2007
syn. "taste". Usu. lenghtened and embellished for dramatic effect (tasssssse). Refers to any immensely pleasurable consumption, esp. of food or marijuana.
Damn, gettin' my tase at bojangles sure feels great after I got some of that headies tase from the Roor.

This breeze feels good on my neck while i'm gettin' my tase.
by scose September 20, 2006
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