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the manliest man in NBA history. Known for defense, rebounding, and heavy drinking. Once threw a guy through a plate glass window at a bar for spilling a drink on him. Rumored to drink 15 long island ice teas the night before a game. Know the best announcer in any sport, doing both the NBA and the MLB playoffs in the manliest way possible.
Hey jon, wanna go out to the bar?
-fuck no, Charles Barkley's in town tonight. He'll drink us both under the table and then throw our metrosexual bitch asses out tha window.
#bad motherfucker #cb #round mound of rebound #drink #man #sir charles
by asfegf February 16, 2008
Another ball sack move, squeezing ones testicle til it shines like Charles Barleys bald head
As Johnny walked around the corner their was Jimmie flashing him his charles barkley
#balls #testicle #charlie barkley #joke #sack
by jordanwhatson June 25, 2011
A euphemism for receiving oral sex while driving a motor vehicle. Based on Barkley's excuse for a recent DUI arrest, which he blamed on being distracted due to the blowjob he was about to receive.
Last night driving down 30th my girl leaned over and started giving me a Charles Barkley.
#road head #blowjob #bj #head #oral sex
by weasel hula April 19, 2009
Slag for a sexual rebound, as a ode to Charles Barkley aka The Round Mound of Rebound.
"Are you still seeing Samantha?"
"No way man, she was just a Charles Barkley."
by poham December 22, 2015
Opening your mouth as wide as possible, sticking your tongue out and shaking your head furiously, ala Charles Barkley circa 1990. Good for cunnilingus.
"Damn that girl is hot, she needs to be Charles Barkley'd"
by Danny the kid June 21, 2005
1. A name used for cock blockers ( hence the CB)
2. Other dudes (and sometimes girls) who play good defensive on you while you try to spit game at someone.
3. The name of a legendary undersized power forward who was really good at defense.
Ay man, so i was just over at the bar tryna spit game at this girl and all of a sudden this charles barkley comes out of nowhere interruptin me askin her all these dumbass questions!
#cock #blocker #block #blockers #spit #game #club #defense
by EnglishtheRapper December 09, 2007
a person who is a cock block or denies a friend from hooking up with a girl. The term Charles Barkley comes from the fact that the NBA player is huge and blocks almost anything in his way. Also he was ignorant and did respect people on the court.
My friend denied me from getting with a girl, he was being a Charles Barkley.
#cock #cock block #dick #dick head #friend
by Gary Scott April 18, 2006
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