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The best dog name ever.
"Barkley shit on the floor yesterday, but I can't stay mad at him."
by Samson, smartypants! January 07, 2012
Life of the party.the way of life. only like movies with hot guys in them. super chill.
Dude, i want two of whatever Barkleys on
by Lee Miles August 29, 2008
If male, a total faggot head who has no friends and is the biggest dick ever to walk the face of the earth. fucking idiot, likes to lick men's assholes.
That kid Justin is such a Barkley!
by flavola November 07, 2010
Last name given to one of the most sweetest, most beautiful, and most awesome chicas alive. Always, very bubbly and hyper. She is an awesomely amazing friend who you can tell anything to. She's also not the typical whiny flute player. Her nickname is Barkie. she has a wonderful personality that can always brighten your day if you are feeling down in the dumps. Crazy nutterbutter who likes to ride quads. Her alter egos are Barkie the defensive doggie and Amana the Piranha. Loves the color orange. and to quote her, loved by all, especially the author of this definition.
"Why are you so happy?"
"Oh no reason, except for the fact that I just got done talking to that Barkley girl, the sweetest person on earth!" :D
by Spinnnnie July 26, 2010
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