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The type of hangover that you feel when you've partied the night before with ***WAAAAAYYYY*** too much champagne.
{Husoos}: Happy New Year Hozay!!! Time to get up!!!

{Hozay}: Owwww Husoos, leave me the fuck alone! I had way too much champagne at the bar last night -- I had 2 bottles and you only had half a bottle. Now I have chamPAIN and I think I need to ralf in the toliet as well. Ow! My head is throbbing! (sound of rapid footsteps...puking noises audible...)
by Telephony November 13, 2013

A word that can be used to describe any number of injuries obtained while intoxicated
Sober guy- What happened there, man {points at massive disgusting bruises}?!?!

Now Sober guy- I don't know! I was too plastered to remember.

Sober guy- That's one nasty champain you've got there. You might wanna get it checked out.
by tecc91 June 12, 2009
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