a big angry vagina, thick with giant lips.
mary has a stinky chalupa snatch
by Casey kong March 11, 2008
Fuck boy, bitch boy, wont do shit, Lil bitch nigga, stupid, dumbass
Derek: Hey Ryan what you doing
Ryan: Just playing LoL murking kids
Derek: shut the fuck up you god damn chalupa
Ryan: Fuck you fuck dick
by CyberMau5 November 20, 2014
Somebody who is hard and seems unapproachable on the outside but is really sweet and caring on the inside. Like a taco bell chalupa.
Kate: Omg your dad seems so mean, I never knew he was so sweet like that! Beth: I know he is such a huge Chalupa!
by thatswhatshesaid55 May 23, 2009
Chalupa comes from the Portuguese language and has 2 meanings.

Chalupa is an ancient ship that the sailors of 1300-1500 used to sail. Like a Caravel but smaller.
Chalupa means a guy that its "crazy", "funny", kind of weird insane, sometimes an jackass, a little dumb...
Portuguese Sailors use an chalupa to navigate close distances.

That guy is a kind of chalupa!
That guy is becoming chalupa!
by Miguel Amado January 06, 2008
A chalupa is usually longer than a sope, resembling the canoe-like boat that is its namesake, although there are also small versions (named chalupitas) available in other regions as appetizers or snacks. Chalupitas are usually topped with a tablespoon of beans, sour cream and chipotle pepper to add flavor in a similar fashion to nachos. Or a penis
Chalupas fill my hands
by bj420 June 23, 2011
A breed of dog; a mix between a boxer and a chihuahua.
Excuse me, but I need to take my chalupa Fido for a walk.
by CrookieMownsta October 25, 2010
A powerful princess in training to rule her Chupa bug clan, and save them from the monsterous bad guys. She was born with wings that make her immediate royalty. Any time she has the chance she will gladly help you out. Worships the moon and believes fairies come out of it and randomly come down into the forest to party, with the Chupa bugs. NEVER EVER squash a Chupa!!!
"Chupa bugs WILL rule the world dammit!"- Chalupa
by Lil Turd and Lil Shit February 20, 2010

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