a big angry vagina, thick with giant lips.
mary has a stinky chalupa snatch
by Casey kong March 11, 2008
Somebody who is hard and seems unapproachable on the outside but is really sweet and caring on the inside. Like a taco bell chalupa.
Kate: Omg your dad seems so mean, I never knew he was so sweet like that! Beth: I know he is such a huge Chalupa!
by thatswhatshesaid55 May 23, 2009
Fuck boy, bitch boy, wont do shit, Lil bitch nigga, stupid, dumbass
Derek: Hey Ryan what you doing
Ryan: Just playing LoL murking kids
Derek: shut the fuck up you god damn chalupa
Ryan: Fuck you fuck dick
by CyberMau5 November 20, 2014
The act of throwing a chalupa or cheap Mexican food on the possessions of your enemies.
Wow Jacob is such a dick, let's chalupa him.
by CatsinMT October 13, 2015
Chalupa comes from the Portuguese language and has 2 meanings.

Chalupa is an ancient ship that the sailors of 1300-1500 used to sail. Like a Caravel but smaller.
Chalupa means a guy that its "crazy", "funny", kind of weird insane, sometimes an jackass, a little dumb...
Portuguese Sailors use an chalupa to navigate close distances.

That guy is a kind of chalupa!
That guy is becoming chalupa!
by Miguel Amado January 06, 2008
A chalupa is usually longer than a sope, resembling the canoe-like boat that is its namesake, although there are also small versions (named chalupitas) available in other regions as appetizers or snacks. Chalupitas are usually topped with a tablespoon of beans, sour cream and chipotle pepper to add flavor in a similar fashion to nachos. Or a penis
Chalupas fill my hands
by bj420 June 23, 2011
A breed of dog; a mix between a boxer and a chihuahua.
Excuse me, but I need to take my chalupa Fido for a walk.
by CrookieMownsta October 25, 2010
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