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The Cross-Roads of America. The state that lies between Ohio ,Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan. The state is quaint and known for the Indianapolis 500 and the residents' fervant love of basketball. Considered by many to be a nowhere hole in the wall for rednecks etc., but oh well. And is also the namesake for one of the coolest film heroes of all time, Indiana Jones. Admit it, that sounds alot better than Kentucky Slim, New York Paul or California Fag.
I flew over Indiana on my way to Denver.
by Tbone July 03, 2003
An individual from the U.P. of Michigan
My parents were raised in Northern Michigan so they are Yoopers.
by Tbone April 16, 2003
Go out drinking with your friends and take home the biggest broad you can find - have your friends get a head start on the way home and get them into your closet. When you get the fat broad on all fours and begin to hammer away doggie style, have your friends jump outta the closet and the goal is to hang on as long as you can!
I was able ride the bucking bronco for 24.3 seconds until I was tossed off any the rodio clowns had to tame the beast!
by Tbone March 20, 2005
A period of time that denotes a long while has elapsed.
Jonny, I haven't see you in a coon's age, How the hell are you?
by Tbone April 22, 2004
often mistaken as a city (it's actually made up of two main cities, Tampa and St. Pete). Home of two former championship teams (Lightning and Bucs)
But the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are always getting pissed on.
by TBone November 06, 2004
Term used to describe a female that haphazzardly smears makeup on her face with no regard for boundaries or appearance. Most commonly seen hanging off a barstool, or chomping on a greasy pizza
Dude "Is that chick over there hot..." Dude 2 "OMG man, what are you thinking, she's a total lipstick queen. Take a closer look! It looks like she had a chalupa in one hand and a paint roller in the other while getting ready. "
by Tbone July 13, 2005
The metrosexual art of trimming your hedges "body hair". Derived from the word landscape.
Look at that metro, his manscaping is out of control, he looks like a 12 year old boy!
by Tbone July 06, 2004

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