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4 definitions by Hankgod

The anamoly that occurs after having so much messed up porn available online that a picture of a naked blonde doesnt cut it anymore
Brad: Ay dude i got the new issue of Hustler

Chris: No time right now, im watching a 50-1 gangbang

Brad: You gotta see a psychiatrist about that progressive porn disorder
by Hankgod May 20, 2011
14 2
the low-key underdog beer pong partner's power to make any bounce shot no matter how amazing the defense is.
Guys: Haha youll never make a shot
Girl: (uses the supershiestysneaky bounce shot)
Guys: Fuck.
by Hankgod August 23, 2010
13 1
Constant fuck. Not your bf (boyfriend) or gf (girlfriend)... just the person you constantly fuck.
Guy 1: Hey man is that your gf?

Guy 2: Nah thats my cf.
by Hankgod October 11, 2010
24 21
The anomoly that occurs after watching so much internet porn that naked chicks in magazines doesn't cut it anymore
Guy 1: Ay man I got the new Hustler

Guy 2: Can't, Im watching this epic gangbang

Guy 1: You need to see a psychiatrist about that Progressive Porn Disorder
by Hankgod June 06, 2011
2 3