Websites that are full of nasty tempered people, usually with admin and mod approval. was once a good website, but it is a cesspool now.
by cgirl834 August 11, 2008
Top Definition
a strong word meaning corrupt or a wasteland. sort of bad place.
the world is a meer cesspool...
by mike July 06, 2003
synonym for shithole, dump, trash, and hell. can be used to describe a neighborhood or a city.
For a real life example of a cesspool, see Tallahassee, Florida.
by KRHimself April 03, 2006
an underground area for liquid waste (such as sewage)
Isabelle your apartment is so dirty it looks like a cesspool

Steve, when is the last time you cleaned your car it could be confussed with a cesspool
by forty March 17, 2006
see Michigan
Hail, hail to Michigan, the cesspool of the West.
by Justin November 06, 2003
A Cess Pool is a term used to describe a collection of female acquaintances to be shared as a common resource among a group of guy friends.

To be eligible to be added to the Cess Pool, the female in question has to be of a decent standard, and should not be the love interest of anyone in the group.

The main purpose of adding females into the Cess Pool is to always have a group of female friends ready to be called upon by the group for any activities such as clubbing, drinking or even unadulterated sexual debauchery.
A: I just met a couple of cool girls over the weekend.
B: That's great, just add them to the Cess Pool and we can hang out this weekend!
by toastbox September 10, 2011
See photo of Dick Cheney in any news or fictional magazine.

He is the definition of corporate greed at any expense in imperialistic America.

One of america's biggest "chicken hawks".
Dick just loves the smell of burning flesh when he reviews his stock portfolio.
by mp January 30, 2005

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