when something is extremely crass or when a futile resistance is in existance and forms a fruitful slumber!
this place smells like a cesspool, i can't take it anymore! Its the crassness inside me!
by Clayton prost March 23, 2005
Michigan (more specifically the University of Michigan)
Hail to those auto-workers!
Hail to those circlejerkers!
Hail! Hail! to Michigan,
the cesspool of the west!
by Nittany Lion October 13, 2006
A nasty, smelly, annoying person in school who hates to shower.
because Scott Gaydos smelled like a cess pool, he had to go to the nurse and take a shower.
by SchhottGaydoses January 09, 2008
a day-care center, or preschool
The preschool I work at is a cesspool. Full of sickness.
by amandaluna May 20, 2006

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