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a place u go to, to escape reality. no one else can enter your cereal box, only you!
brian: i went into my cereal box last night it was great!
shaun: huh? what are you high?!
brian: no dude you should go into your cereal box sometime its great!
shaun: ...
brian: anything is possible when your-
shaun: dude?
brian: lalalalala in a cereal box!
shaun: ... poor ol brian. ok take him away boys.

(brian spent several years in the Cuckoo Puffs asylum, he was later found dead from suffocation inside a cereal box)
by jeny February 25, 2008
Your girlfreind, your crush; your ability to get a girfreind
"Hey, do you have any cereal boxes"

"Nah man, i dont have any game"

by master of dunks October 28, 2014
A set of sexual acts that have names of cereal.

Fruit Loops: Take a girl and cover her with apple and orange juice while she is on acid.

Coco Puffs:When you have a fat black chick and you cover her with Hershey chocolate syrup and milk.

Reese's Puffs: When you have a orgy consisting of Caucasian, Hispanic, and Filipino women.
I had so many women over we had some cereal boxes.
by Dick muncher 246 January 08, 2011
The name given to one whose face is such lacking in any recognisable feature as to be redolent of the inside of a cereal box. Appearance as boring, bland, foetal.
"Roberts is such a cereal box, even his mother can't remember what he looks like"

"Can you describe the assailant Madam?

I'm afraid not Officer, he was rather a cerealbox"
by P. Rostate January 09, 2012
Somebody (generally a foreigner) who can't drive properly. Can be either a "cereal box" or a "cereal box driver".

The name comes from the fact that they probably got their licence out of a cereal box.
Argh! Flippin' cereal box!!! Learn how to drive!
by Pillobeam May 29, 2011
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