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4 definitions by Pillobeam

Looking after you're mate's girlfriend while he's away (for a short or long period), and treating her as if she was your own.
Person 1: "Who's that girl that James is with? Is that his mrs?"
Person 2: "Nah, he's just girlfriend sitting for a few weeks"
by Pillobeam September 13, 2009
A Flash animation, often quite comedic or somewhat a little insane.
Hey bro have you seen that badger video? Such a sweet flanimation!
by Pillobeam July 10, 2011
Somebody (generally a foreigner) who can't drive properly. Can be either a "cereal box" or a "cereal box driver".

The name comes from the fact that they probably got their licence out of a cereal box.
Argh! Flippin' cereal box!!! Learn how to drive!
by Pillobeam May 29, 2011
Post LAN Hangover:

The feeling the next day after playing computer games all night/weekend. Symptoms are tiredness, sore eyes, and possible shivers. Cure is a long shower and a good sleep.
Man, that LAN was epic last night, but now I've got a killer case of PLH!
by Pillobeam December 13, 2009