..is the reason that GTA:SA(Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) is now rated AO instead of M and is, subsequently, no longer on the shelves..
which is why I’m one happy camper since I own it!!
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005
1.The constitutional way to control the flow of information.
if you let anyone tell you what you can see or read you are allowing them to tell you what to think or believe...
by drow February 13, 2003
The reason you should move to asia to watch english UNCENSORED anime
John moved to Asia as America's anime sucked so bad
by ? December 05, 2004
censorship is the g**d*** f****** s***! its so f****** awesome! holy s***! It's crazy a** amazing. What the f****** world needs is more f****** censorship!

H***,maybe in 50 years words like toast and pencil will be censored. who f****** knows?
censorship is the f****** s***
by peachy_keane August 30, 2006
What gay ass liberals (especially on this site) use to silence any opinions which they don't like.
Liberals are guilty as hell of censorship and need to all be gutted like fish.
by fuckyou gay ass nazi cunts July 03, 2006
An excellent way to control and regulate society. Induces order throughout the realms... a contemporary of fascism (the only way to truely mold a perfect world).
by the evil fascist May 05, 2004
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