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An atheist YouTuber who is a pseudo-intellectual (like most atheists). He mistakenly equates atheism with science although in actual reality, atheism has nothing to do with science and isn't scientific at all for the very reason that it denies cause and effect, bases itself on a mathematical improbability and requires blind faith in naturalism and abiogenesis (an evidenceless hypothesis).
Thunderf00t has messy hair and a horrible fashion sense.
by Skialian January 07, 2014
A homosexual atheist who hasn't combed his hairs for several years. The loser mostly posts video mocking and insulting religion but he never provides any scientific evidences as to why God is a bad idea. He also hasn't provided proof that you can get something from nothing which is instrumental to proving atheism. The faggot also knows nothing about maths otherwise he wouldn't believe that 0+0=1 which is something that the atheist theory teaches.
Thunderf00t is a huge fag.
by ddfgdffd November 18, 2013
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