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Someone who hails from swindon or has any affiliation with Swindon Town FC
Look at that kev scummer with his burberry gear on... i'm going to throw half a brick at him!
by Akira August 18, 2004
The capital city in FF VII where Shinra corporation resides
Hey, are you going to Midgar today?
by Akira April 02, 2003
The reason why anime sucks so bad when it is "translated" for American audiences.
Thank god I have a collection of subtitled anime shows because the dubs of most of the shows are censored to the point where they are sometimes 30 minutes shorter than the original.
by Akira August 28, 2003
Any activity that takes a negative turn involving a group of men.
The buck's night was a mantastrophe when the groom missed his wedding the morning after.
by Akira January 30, 2003
A JB born guy who now stuck in Angoulême, France
She1: Damn! He's HOT!
She2: That's Jbmoisin alright!
by Akira November 29, 2004
A guy who sits across from Akira in the same office. He is a hardcore gamer.
There goes weezle fraggin my guy again.
by Akira April 02, 2003
I word used when a situation is uncomfortable, or when there is an uncomfortable silence

I word used to lightheartedly degrade another person by saying world to third person to diss the other.

Can be shortened to "Didyoudotheengilsh"
1."Yeah, my doctor's says I have anal warts."
"Anyway, didyoudotheenglishhomework?"

2. "Guys, I did sooo well on my exam."

(to third party) "Didyoudotheenglishhomework?"
by Akira January 28, 2005

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