An annoying device(yet useful for emergency only)that you see someone speaking into or screaming into everytime you go to Walmart, the mall, on a work break, and most irritating, in a public computer lab or movie theater.
Scene: Movie Theater
*Loud Annoying Ringtone Ringing* Idiot answers softly, "Hello?" Then loudly, "Hello!! I can't hear me back, eh ok bye." *Loud Ringing AGAIN*, "HEY BABY WHATS UP.(everyone in the room turns to the Idiot) "NOTHING IM JUST HERE WATCHING A MOVIE....(laughs at movie line) "WHAT?? SHUT THE F* UP! HE WENT TO SAN ANTONIO? REALLLYYYYYY....WHEN???" (about 3 people sssssshhhhhh him, and 1 girl curses at him)

Ah, that drives me insane. If one is going to have a personal convo please go outside. I own a cell phone but I don't want everyone knowing my business so I respect and talk somewhere else or at least softly and not grab everyone's attention. Is one that lonely that they need to create so much noise? I also pay to watch a movie and not to listen to some dumbo talking to his "baby's mama."
by rockstarhk April 24, 2006
Top Definition
A device for communicating with others needlessly. Day in. Day out. Whenever. Wherever. Good for holding up lines in stores, traffic, etc. Also the latest technology found in ghettos-overtaking the more common "boom box".
Typical cell phone conversation: Hey, where you at? I'm over here. Oh. What? I dunno. I'll be there in 5 seconds....oh wait I can see you! Hey! Whats up? Wait...let me call you back. Why? Huh? Can you here me? Guess what? My phone bill was only $90 this month. Etc.....
by Hooper January 24, 2004
A number you should NEVER EVER give to your boss.
Trust me on this one
by jon February 16, 2005
Objects which are beginning to be given to little girls in 2nd grade who have no place to go thus have no reason to hvae one except to show it off, which pisses me off. They prance around in their little midriff baring shirts trying to be Brotney Spears when infact they look like little spoiled riches bitch sluts, whose parents have no idea what the words Discipline, and hard work mean.
Becky: Like OMG Stacy I just got the coolest new cell.

Stacy: Like OMG we can use it when we drive our barbie jeeps around the block.

Me(overhearing the conversation): WTF
by Mia February 19, 2005
a leash or locating device
My parents called me on my cell phone to make sure I wasn't having sex.
by Amanda June 01, 2003
In the olden days, movie theatres used to have orchestras to accompany the film. Today, they have cell phones, a portable communication device sent from Hell. It is fine if used in moderation, but it almost never is.
"Marsha, I don't know what I'd do without you. But I'm afraid I must reveal that the secret killer of our lovers is…"


"Hello? Hi! Yeah. What's up? Uh-huh. Me too. Eh, nothing much. In the middle of a movie. What? No, I didn't yet. Wait…hold on. People are being rude and throwing things at me."
by Moshe A. December 27, 2004
A device that popular teenage girls use to waste their parents' money.
Lisa talked to her boyfriend on her cell phone for 9 days without stopping. The call cost her parents $50,000.
by Mike the Ekim April 09, 2005
A device that everyone owns and bitches about, at the same time.
"That guy with the cell phone is so obnoxious for talking on this train...wait, I got call waiting! Can you hear me?! Can you hear me now?!!!!"
by TiberiusJulius February 16, 2005
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