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A device that everyone owns and bitches about, at the same time.
"That guy with the cell phone is so obnoxious for talking on this train...wait, I got call waiting! Can you hear me?! Can you hear me now?!!!!"
by TiberiusJulius February 16, 2005
You'll never get the definition right, and people will only make fun of you. Give up.
"Now THAT is irony, Man."

"You're such an idiot. Do you even KNOW what irony is?"
by TiberiusJulius January 27, 2005
adj. describes something that obeys rules without humanity, or without paying attention to specific nuances or situations.
The evil Patriot Act allows people to be detained without trial.
by TiberiusJulius February 05, 2005
A device that causes attention deficit...um whatever...yeah, so like i was watching friends the other night and....
Why were we so surprised on 9/11? Because we watch too much television!
by TiberiusJulius February 21, 2005

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