Super wack online skateboard monoply. Supported by all the faggot poser kids. (Similar to Zumiez)
Specializes in Justin Bieber attire, like tight colorful jeans, and Supra Skytop shoes.

CCS is an acronym that stands for:
Cheab Cheab and Some more cheab.
(Look up the word cheab for full understanding.)
Yo Lom, where did you get that lame ass skateboard?

CCS! But I still can't kickflip.
by ShredGnarShark September 05, 2011
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CCS is an acronym for the action of smacking something or someone with the male penis. CCS stands for Cold Cock Smack and is usually used as shut down or to insult someone
Alec: how would you like to hang out after school?
Phil: How would you like to suck on my balls... Alec?
Alec: How would you like to get CCS'd right across the face next time you turn around to say something to me?
by beast and the harlot June 02, 2005
The worldest biggest skateboard company. It carries many brands and is nation wide
Dude, I just got that new zero board from CCS
by Adam Mateo January 18, 2005
Abbreviation for Cardcaptor Sakura, an anime by Clamp, about a 10-year-old magic girl.
CCS is far superior to Cardcaptors!
by Doc Sigma September 01, 2003
a free catalog in which EVERYONE had to have in sixth grade in order to be cool.You would look at this catalog. wishing you had all this expensive crap.and then realised you coulden't skate.
"those shoes look pretty pimp,but i just realised..I can't even Ollie"
by iwannabeanalcoholic August 28, 2004
A hartless bloodsucking skateboard company that eats small local shops in its all encompasing jaws. Even still ccs brand jeans are cheep and awsome.
Dude Ill never shop at my local shop again. I just bought a complete from CCS
by dolbert June 21, 2007
Central Catholic Syndrome, or CCS, is a psycho-social disorder resulting from attending Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon.
Guy 1: "What was with that crazy bitch at the party last night?"
Guy 2: "I think she has CCS."
Guy 1: "Oh, that explains it."
by Arvydas December 08, 2008

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